We’re leaving Ireland to travel much of North and South America, starting this Autumn and then who knows from there. We will start in Vancouver, B.C. and after visiting friends in Edmonton, we’re hoping to make like a swallow and head south for the winter.

We’re looking to travel as much, as inexpensively and as environmentally friendly as possible with a view to having real cultural experiences and with the long-term ambition of finding an eco-village/holistic retreat/natural farm or a group of like-minded individuals to help establish a place to call home. We also intend to have a lot of fun along the way. 

If you wish to travel cheaply and as environmentally friendly as possible, you must be very flexible with your plans. However, if you’re choosing certain countries with visa waivers then you’ve got to plan your exit in advance.

  • August 31st 2013: Permaculture Design Certificate Course in France. This will be time to learn much needed skills when it comes to WWOOFing, house sitting and other volunteering spots.
  • September 18th 2013: Arrive in Vancouver, B.C. and plan to either cycle slowly to Edmonton or bus it to various eco-villages along the way volunteering work.
  • October 12th 2013: Attend our friend’s wedding in Edmonton, A.B.

After that we’ll possibly stay in Canada for another month volunteering, WWOOFing or house sitting, then fly to Mexico or, cycling to Mexico immediately through USA).

That’s it so far but we’ll keep you posted 🙂


2 Responses to Itinerary

  1. Itzel N. says:

    Hello Olga and Martin,
    Yours sounds like an interesting project. I see that you’re coming to Mexico sometime this year and there’s an eco-village near the city I live in. The village it’s called ‘Teopantli Kalpulli’, which is nahuatl for ‘sacred community’. I’ve been there once for an ‘eco-party’ and it’s really and amazing place. So if you’re coming to Guadalajara I recommend you to visit the village.
    I wish you the best of luck and safe travels!

    • martin4olga says:

      Thanks Itzel N.
      We will certainly research the place. It sounds like just what we’re looking for. Best of luck to you too in whatever venture you’re pursuing at the moment.
      Olga & Martin

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