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We're planning to travel as much of the world as possible and as inexpensively and environmentally as possible, with a view to having strong cultural experiences, building connections with native people through conversation and activity, and gaining a greater understanding of the interconnectivity of humanity.

Mulching 101

                                                 On a wet September weekend, we arrived in Nelson, B.C. at Aurora Gardens, an organic market garden. It was home of Bren and Bear, a couple of gardeners we found on They were practicing what seemed to … Continue reading

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Making Paneer Cheese      I’m not sure which I enjoy    ed most, a simple rec ipe resulting in great cheese for Indian food, or watching the bizarrely hypnotic dynamics between the two women in this video. Also, take their advice and use the … Continue reading

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Kenora’s Spirit Tree

Well after a month and a half of taking in as much of the diverse Canadian landscape and being on the receiving end of the extreme generosity of the friendly folk north of the 49th parallel, we’re ready to devote some time to blogging … Continue reading

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WWOOFing in Lithuania: Something to Bark About.

I peeled my eyes open and looked around. The floor ran down the side of my face and a strange lady was staring at me with her ponytail sticking out the side of her head. As the background came into … Continue reading

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Banana Oat Biscuits

Here’s a delicious idea for healthy biscuits. They’re extremely easy to make, full of nutrients and all ingredients can be found organic in most good supermarkets. They can be enjoyed warm or cold and make a tasty snack when on … Continue reading

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Sunrise in Mayo: Winter Solstice 2009

In what turned out to be one of only two years of heavy snow and temperatures reaching -20°C, I was fortunate enough to be at my home place in the west of Ireland. On top of that, it being the … Continue reading

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A Turbulent Time in Tunisia.

          At the tender age of 22, myself and my parents visited Tunisia for a week. As I was not accustomed to travelling long distances back then, the first thing that struck me was the shear contrast … Continue reading

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Bikes for Sale in Dublin.

                  The time has come for us to flog all our stuff and learn how to live out of a backpack. So far it’s been a very therapeutic experience although we’ve left … Continue reading

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Loitering in Latvia.

While WWOOFing in northern Lithuania in 2011, I took the opportunity to stretch my competitive muscles and have a little fun with my partner Olga by making a video of me crossing the border into Latvia. Although, I’ve ended up visiting Estonia since then, I … Continue reading

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Marry Li Rui!!!

We had the pleasure of hosting a Chinese man with the most incredible story of having the courage to turn a negative life experience into an exhilarating adventure. This alchemy occurred after his girlfriend left him due to him not … Continue reading

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