Sunrise in Mayo: Winter Solstice 2009


In what turned out to be one of only two years of heavy snow and temperatures reaching -20°C, I was fortunate enough to be at my home place in the west of Ireland. On top of that, it being the shortest day of the year meant I could enjoy a reasonable lie-in and still catch the sunrise. However, I couldn’t have predicted a scene as magnificent as this that morning.


The intensity of the sun seemed to blaze through the landscape, and yet I felt no radiant heat pressing against my cheeks. The air was crisp, dry and bloody cold. But what a sight. With all my trips south of Ireland, I’ve rarely ventured too far north but this image has given me a real taste for transcending the arctic circle. I’ve always wondered where I’ll spot Aurora Borealis for the first time. Perhaps in Alberta this winter. Or perhaps the Southern Lights of Argentina or Chile next year. After seeing this sunrise in humble County Mayo however, they’ve certainly got a lot to live up to.


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One Response to Sunrise in Mayo: Winter Solstice 2009

  1. I am so glad you stopped by and took part in sharing this stunning sunrise 🙂 I hope to do another challenge… Maybe one a month? Hope to see you again.

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