Bikes for Sale in Dublin.

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The time has come for us to flog all our stuff and learn how to live out of a backpack. So far it’s been a very therapeutic experience although we’ve left our most sentimental possessions until last as they’re the most difficult to let go of. These include our lovely bicycles and we’re on the look out for some new good owners who’ll take care of them.

The package includes one gents bike (Retro Style) and one ladies bike, one ladies helmet, one gents helmet, two locks and two high-visibility jackets. Lights are already fitted on the bikes. Both bikes are less than one year old and in great condition. This is an ideal offer for a couple arriving in Dublin and trying to avoid not to mention the cost but the inconvenience of bus travel too.

As we’d love to see these bikes get sold together, for the full package we are asking for €250 including all accessories. If you have any of your own equipment then perhaps the price can be negotiated. Bicycle instruction manuals are provided along with info on supplier here in Dublin in case of future repairs.

Please contact us by commenting or calling +353857076099


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We're planning to travel as much of the world as possible and as inexpensively and environmentally as possible, with a view to having strong cultural experiences, building connections with native people through conversation and activity, and gaining a greater understanding of the interconnectivity of humanity.
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