Boozing in Bavaria.

15As the train cranked it’s way through the Austrian Alps and across the border towards Munich, we were excited not just by the fact that we would be meeting old friends but that we were arriving in the Weisse bier capital of the world. For those who may not be familiar with this form of frothy brew, weisse beer is prepared with a large quantity of wheat and malted barley. Yummy.

14With a few nights in Munich lined up and ten more nights with three different hosts around rural Bayern, we were certainly going to become well acquainted with this stuff. First, we payed a visit to the English Gardens, which was full of unusual activities such people surfing on a river in the middle of a city and a large part of the park filled with naked people. However, the highlight for us had to be gorging on giant salty pretzels and knocking back the weisse beer. After that is a bit of a blur but when we checked our cameras after leaving the city, sure enough, there was photographic evidence that we had visited a few attractions in the city, like St. Peter’s Church.


IMG_5270We departed Munich feeling satisfied if  not a little what the German’s would call katzenjammer. Onwards to Roding, a small town in rural Bavaria. Our couchsurfing host was in Switzerland but recommended that we stay with his parents. Despite a certain awkwardness in the beginning, we were absolutely thrilled with this experience. They were gentle, considerate people who possessed a real curiosity for different cultures.

IMG_5273They loaned us their bicycles to visit Cham, with it’s huge castle-like entrance to this small city and the impressive maypole standing proudly in the square. Back in Roding, we took a quick ride on a awfully German looking cow and then our host drove us an embarrassing 25km to our next host who was there to meet us in the town of Rötz, which we later learned when hosting a couple of German guys, that this name means ‘snots’. Moving on swiftly, there was plenty to do in the area, such as climbing Arbor mountain and having a nice weisse beer. Our next destination was Viechtach, which was again, only 25km from there. Here, we spent our days picking mushrooms and

IMG_5306         IMG_5449

30learning how to cook scrumptious Bavarian meals. One evening we headed down to the local festival which seemed to be something about beer. We drank and ate, and ate and drank, until we had indulged to the point of explosion. Finally, since this host was under 21yrs old and itching to do a spot of gambling, she very kindly drove us over the border into the Czech Republic where we

IMG_5602began the detox of the century. Overall, rural Bavaria stood out for us as extremely picturesque and welcoming. Never have we been somewhere that felt so much like the locals had decided to take a holiday with us. Oh and finally, did we mention beer?

Yours soberly,

Olga & Martin

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