Sweet Dreams in Sydney

2007 332

In 2007, I spent a week in Australia visiting friends before flying back to Thailand to work. Apart from the severe jet-lag and heavy insomnia, I spent the time mingling with Irish people, drinking in Irish pubs and sleeping in an apartment with walls draped in tri-colour and county flags.

One day I managed to get out and explore the city. On my travels I popped into the Wildlife Sydney Zoo and spotted this fellow catching forty winks, something I was longing to do myself.

Since then I’ve eased off on the big ‘Irish Style’ nights out, I’ve resolved never to take such a long flight for such a short stay (both for environmental and mental health reasons) and I’ve been put off any visits to a zoo recently after seeing one too many depressed animals. Still, it was nice to see that this chap was taking the whole incarceration thing in his stride.

Sweet Dreams.


Click Map: http://goo.gl/maps/9VFX3


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