Irish Man Living Free & Off The Grid

Mark is 34 and comes from the West of Ireland. After finishing a Degree in Business, he now lives in a caravan, which he was given to him for free by a lady on He’s gone on to write “The Moneyless Man” and established the forum for a moneyless economy known as The Freeconomy Community…

Having recently been rejected a mortgage due to lack of job security I’m always in awe of someone who can avoid paying not just oodles of squillions on interest, but nothing at all for a dwelling. Then again, the animals do it, the fish do it, the birds do it, we did it for the majority of human existence. So why not?

Well, from what I can gather, for the same reason the bank rejected my application – a lack of that sense of security. And this is what my fear of taking such a leap boils down to.

Although Mark’s viable alternative of interdependence on local people has quelled my fears to a certain extent, it’s still my assumption that such fear will only fully dissipate through experience, and that involves taking the risks in the first place. So my plan to wait around for a seamless transition as opposed to this leap of faith needs adjusting. However, this risk is something I’m feeling more and more resourced to take as time goes on.

Watch this space I guess.



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We're planning to travel as much of the world as possible and as inexpensively and environmentally as possible, with a view to having strong cultural experiences, building connections with native people through conversation and activity, and gaining a greater understanding of the interconnectivity of humanity.
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